M.S., Health Coach, CPT, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Eat to Perform Nutrition Certified

At 231 pounds at age 21, I decided that I no longer wanted to live a life of being unhealthy, overweight and uncomfortable with myself. Through a combination of diet and exercise, I was able to lose over 90 pounds within 2 years time and find my true self beneath the weight that hid me for so long. 

Through my personal experience I found an intense passion for fitness, health and nutrition which I hope to share with others. My hope is to inspire and teach people how to reach their goals in all aspects of health and wellness. 

My passion for fitness and nutrition drives me to constantly learn more about the field and share that knowledge with as many people as I can. I hope to teach you what I have learned through research or tried myself in order for you to live your best life possible. 


Health Coach, Founder 
B.S. Exercise Science, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Massage Therapist, 

As a certified Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, and Licensed Massage Therapist I look to improve the lives of many different people from all walks of life.  I consider myself to be a life long athlete and have competed in sporting events such as mixed martial arts, football, soccer, Tough Mudders, and other obstacle runs.  


My passion for living a healthy active life and my knowledge of Exercise Physiology enables me to do what I love, which is to train and improve people's health and well being.  I hope to share this knowledge and enthusiasm with you.  And remember, it's never too late to be a better and healthier you!  

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