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Online Personal Training and You

You're on the site and maybe you're thinking, "what exactly is online personal training"?

Great question! Online personal training is something that is fairly new and up and coming so many people are a bit confused when they first read or hear about it.

Very basically, Online Personal Training is the ability to take a program and follow it at your own gym, with the guidance of a personal trainer. This means you do your sessions on your own, and depending on your program, check-in with your coach to monitor progress.

At Commence Online training, we offer two different types of training: a personal plan designed and followed with no check-ins and true coaching.

Personal Plan:

A personal program is designed for someone that doesn't need the accountability of a trainer. This is for a person who already goes to the gym but needs some direction. This can mean having a goal in mind and not knowing how to achieve it, or not having a specific goal but needing some targeted exercise routines. With this programming option, there are no check-ins and it is completely self guided. With this option, we'll discuss your goals/what you're looking for, then design a program that works for you.


Online coaching starts of similarly to a personal plan. After an initial conversation, we'll create a program that works for you based on your goals. After that, we'll include weekly check-ins (+ additional if needed) to assess progress. For example, if the goal is weight loss, we'll track weight, assess the workouts, energy level, etc. From there, adjustments will be made. Nutrition coaching works similarly, but without a super specific plan.

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, strength, ANYTHING, either one of these options can help you to reach your goals.

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